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Practical Advice - Index

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Teachers tell you what to learn, IDYLL shows you how to learn it

For beginners

VOCPROC - A simplified system for learning and retaining vocabulary (Basic Level IDYLL)

PAPA - Learning with the Pen-and-Paper Algorithm
Vocabulary and idioms for beginners and intermediate learners.

When to revise

Why it is stupid to "revise as much as possible"
(what you should do instead is "revise as much as necessary")

What is the best time of day to devote to language learning, e.g. new vocabulary?

How to learn Hindi and Urdu numbers from 1 to 99

For intermediate and advanced learners

SENTAL 1 - The Sentence Algorithm (SENTAL) (Compact version)
How to eradicate your mistakes in English - or any other language
(grammar - vocabulary - idioms)

SENTAL 2 - From word to discourse: A lesson with SENTAL, or: How to absorb new vocabulary and grammar

For advanced learners

TRAM: How to learn understand English (or any other language) spoken fast. Version: Alpha Test 03. 2011-01-06 - Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome. You can email them:


The memory model of Dynamic Language Learning

Why is it called "Dynamic"?

English version: Dynamic Learning Algorithms

Deutsche Fassung: Dynamische Lernalgorithmen

Klaus Bung: List of academic publications

Teachers tell you what to learn, IDYLL shows you how to learn it