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Lecture service for Secondary Schools

Diagram The IDYLL Learning EngineDr Klaus Bung
68 Brantfell Road
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Lecture service for Secondary Schools

Some of the topics that we can cover

Technical topics

We help your students to learn faster
and remember more

  1. How do I get maximum value out of my language teacher.

  2. Efficient ways of learning vocabulary

  3. How to make difficult languages easier to learn.

    Easy languages are those related closely to English, e.g. Spanish, Italian, German, French, Latin and Greek.

    Difficult languages are those less related to English, e.g. Russian, Polish, Czech; Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, and those not related to English, e.g. Arabic, Tamil, Chinese and many others.

  4. What can I do to walk into my next foreign language exam with total confidence?

  5. What can I do to become the best, or almost best, language student in my class?

  6. I am struggling with foreign language learning but I am determined to be as good as anyone else in my class. What can I do to become as good and confident as everybodfy else.

  7. A stroll amidst the languages of Europe

  8. Can Cartesian language learning techniques be useful in other school subjects as well?

    (Yes, when factual information has to be reliably learnt.)

  9. What can I do to expand and enrich my vocabulary? (for intermediate and advanced students, i.e. O-level to A-level )

  10. Systematic ways of eliminating grammatical mistakes.

  11. How to derive maximum benefit from Internet pen-friends and chat-friends (different approaches for beginners, intermediate students and advanced students)

  12. Learning to THINK in the foreign language, right from the start

  13. Smart ways of practising numbers

  14. How to keep anxiety out of language learning

  15. How can we surprise our language teacher?



Motivating topics

We help to motivate
your students

Basic topic:
Why should I learn this, or any, foreign language?

Some Secondary Schools find that not enough students opt for foreign language study. The students think that languages are too difficult, or that everybody abroad speaks English anyway. So why learn Spanish, French, German, or Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, or Chinese and Arabic, or whatever?

Dr Klaus Bung, who has worked and/or travelled in many countries

(England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Chile, Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Kenya, India (9 months), the Philippines, Iraq),

has a treasure trove of stories of how he benefited from knowing at least some of the local language in countries where allegedly everybody speaks English, but in fact not everybody does, or even if everybody does knowing the local language can be very useful and a lot of fun in establishing relationships with nice people.

Suggested topics:

  1. Why I am learning Arabic?

  2. Why I want to learn Hindi and Urdu?

  3. How I benefited from knowing (some) French, Italian, Hindi, Sanskrit, Tagalog (Philippines), Spanish (experiences in Spain and Chile), English (UK, America, the Caribbean, India, Nepal),

  4. How I talked myself out of an Iraqi police station with 350 words of Arabic.

  5. How to make friends in foreign countries.

  6. How to find international penfriends on the Internet.

  7. How I benefited in life through having learnt Greek and Latin at school.

  8. How to learn the language of your class mates (if you have students from foreign countries in your class).

  9. Six months in India

  10. How I travelled by coach and train in India (or by bus from Delhi to Katmandu; or by train in the Philippines, or ... Santiago de Copmpostella [Spain], or ...)

  11. Christmas in Germany when I was young (and that was a long time ago)


Other topics and related topics can be found by arrangement.

Get in touch with us to explore what your students need to hear.

Tell us what you want, and we will consider whether we can provide it.

We help to motivate
your students




Talks in German

Dr Bung is a native speaker of German and can also speak in German if you are interested in a topic on which he is knowledgeable. But the above topics will be presented only in English.

Invitation to a brainstorming meeting

There is an enormous amount of expertise in our institute (IDYLL®: Institute for Dynamic Language Learning). In the past we have applied it mainly to help motivated adults. We know that motivated young people can also benefit.

We are trying to find out what are the problems, challenges and constraints prevailing in secondary schools so that, through our lecture service, we can offer what is really needed.

Headteachers, heads of language departments and foreign language teachers at secondary schools are invited to discuss their problems and challenges with Dr Klaus Bung (Ph.D., Cantab., Linguistics) with a view to discovering topics which should be added to our lecture programme.

There will be no charges for such exploratory talks.

Prior information for Headteachers, Language Teachers and MFL Teaching Co-ordinators

Prior to making an appointment we strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the basic assumptions of Cartesian Language Learning (the IDYLL METHOD® ) by studying the following links and the papers and essays listed there.

The manifesto of Cartesian Language Learning

Techniques for beginners and intermediate students

A European approach to language learning

Academic publications


We help your students to learn faster
and remember more