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Remarks addressed to the Lancashire Branch Meeting of the Federation of Small Businesses

My name is Klaus, and I did not always speak with the atrocious accent I have now. That is the result of a curse some kraut or other put on me.

I now work for Recall Training Consultants Ltd in Blackburn.

In Germany, we have been running weekend seminars on more efficient language learning for business people for several years. They were very successful and even got us commendatory articles in the business press.

These techniques are the result of 40 years of linguistics research.

Language learners can use them in combination with any language they want to learn.

The more difficult the language,
the more problems the learner encounters,
and especially if classes and teachers prove ineffective,
then our techniques can turn failure into success, or success into super-success.

If you are determined to learn but find it difficult, we can help.

We are now piloting these seminars in England, with small groups of students, and we are looking for guinea pigs.

The moment we have between 8 and 10 students wanting to learn the same language (or even different languages), we will, in consultation with them, put on a seminar in a suitable location. Seminar fees have not yet been fixed and are by arrangement.

Details of our methods and the underlying research, and tips for language learners, are on our website. Lots of useful information, all free of charge. Something new goes up about every ten days. So visit that website regularly and recommend it to your friends.

I would like to hear about the language learning problems which business people in Lancashire are experiencing at the moment. So even if you are not yet ready to attend one of our seminars, email me and tell me your woes. We may be able to find a solution or give you some help.

Thank you.