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Dr Klaus Bung
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© 2010 Klaus Bung

These exercises first posted on the web on: 2010-08-21

If you detect any mistakes or inadequacies or have suggestions for improvements, please e-mail us. We will always be grateful for such information.


Klaus Bung:

First steps in German
L1 = English, L2 = German

L1: English
L2: German

L1 is the starting language (often mother tongue) of the learner.
L2 is the language she (or he) is trying to learn.


You will learn fast and remember well if you use the well-tested DYLL vocabulary learning procedure. You will find the instructions in the following articles:

Study these articles carefully and follow the instructions to the letter.

After learning the words contained in the exercises, try to discover them in the world around you and say them in your mind or aloud whenever you see them.

If you see something that is green, say the German word for "green" and name the green object if you know the word.

Next year we will publish a book and recording incorporating this approach. Return to this site regularly to find out about new developments in German and other languages.

If you find any mistakes in these exercises, please tell us about them by e-mail. We shall be grateful.

Do NOT try to do these exercises by looking at the screen. You have to print them out, then cover the model answers with a folded piece of paper and then practise giving the answers by WRITING them down, following every detail of the DYLL procedure described in the above articles.

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